Hotel Decameron

When you are looking for an idyllic holiday in Panama you are sure to find the Hotel Decameron high on the places to stay. Most visitors to this wonderful resort swear by it and return to it time and again. What is it that makes the hotel so special and likeable? There are many reasons; lets discover some of the most important ones.

Beautiful Location: The Hotel Decameron is located on the Pacific coast of the country and is just about two hours away from the capital of the country, Panama City. You can in fact come directly to the hotel after you have arrived at the Tocumen International Airport and begin your holiday in style. The hotel sits atop a hill and offers spectacular views of the ocean. It has about 2km of pristine white beaches that are a delight to be on and a host of facilities that make a visit here truly enjoyable. The hotel is landscaped perfectly and is a delight to explore and discover. If you rather not walk up and down the paths, there are motorized carts that can transport you from one part of the hotel to another.

There is a lot to see and do here and the sooner you get discovering, the more fun it will be. Enjoy relaxing in one of the many swimming pools here or at the spa. There are many bars in the hotel and one of the pools even has a swim in bar. So after a few laps in the pool you can cool off with a refreshing drink. There are ten restaurants in the hotel and offer varied cuisines, from Thai and Mexican to Continental and local cuisine. The hotel offers an all inclusive stay and it is great as you don’t have to keep wandering off to look for a restaurant to eat at or activities to do.
Do book your rooms in advance so that you are assured accommodation when you arrive. This is especially true for the peak tourist season, when hotels in Panama are booked up much ahead of time. Early booking also give you the chance to get great discounts.

The Decameron is great for all ages especially for familiesHealth Fitness Articles, kids and couples. It also organizes shows and activities for the young. The multilingual staff of the hotel offer world class service and are friendly and courteous making your stay memorable.
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