Linux Training - Running Linux from a Live CD / DVD

You can work on a Linux desktop, run Linux software programs and go to the Linux command line to run Linux commands - the way the real pros do Linux administration.There is no Linux installation required!To run a Linux live version, you need to be able to boot from CD or DVD, but that shouldn't be any problem. Lots of systems are set up to automatically boot from CD or DVD and you may not need to do anything. But on some systems, you need to change a system setting or hold down a key, like the letter "c" to boot from a Linux live CD / DVD.Another great thing about Linux live CDs / DVDs is that they're real cheap! So you can try lots of different Linux distributions (versions) to see which one you like the best.Linux Tip: To get a Linux live CD or DVD, do an Internet search for "linux live cd". Look through the list to see which Linux distribution you want. You may even want to get several! You can get them mailed to any place on the planet for a very reasonable price.Experiment away and have fun trying out lots of different Linux live CDs / DVDs. See which Linux versionsFeature Articles, desktops and programs you like. This is an excellent way to learn Linux and get hands-on Linux experience at the same time. Just put the CD / DVD in the drive and boot!
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